The Art of You

Private Luxury Fitness Retreat in
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

A Private Luxury Fitness Retreat

The ART of YOU Private Luxury Fitness Retreat in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica is a full SundaySunday private fitness retreat designed & customized for you by Celebrity Personal Trainer Terri Walsh. Bridal Bootcamps, photoshoots and event prep is a longstanding specialty. Terri designs every aspect of your retreat no matter what your fitness level to ensure you get the results you want, the re-boot you need and the peace you crave before heading back into your high-powered life.

In partnership with my favorite private villa, I collaborate to create an unparalleled client experience. This is a 5 star luxury private villa exquisitely appointed in the Costa Rican jungle. Your menus are designed for YOU and are organic, locally sourced and will enable the best results possible. YOU ARE THE ONLY CLIENT. As there is only one villa, I cater to one client at a time. You may bring a spouse or partner for an additional fee.

Transform Yourself in the Jungle

Detox. Reboot. Recharge. Lose Weight. Event Prep.

Perhaps your normally healthy habits have slipped off the rails, we’ll reboot what you already know and push you further. Maybe you need a full scale detox from an unhealthy lifestyle and a physical push into a set of new habits that you can maintain when you return. Or, you want to recharge yourself after an intense project and put the focus back on you. Perhaps you need to lock yourself down for an event prep, wedding or audition with no distractions or temptations.

Your retreat will fill you with new energy & focus and we’ll send you home with vigor and a renewed sense of peace, purpose and pure glowing confidence!

A Beautiful Rainforest Retreat

A private and luxurious fitness retreat catering to only one person, or one couple at a time, offering all of the attention of a world class resort. Nestled in the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica, directly on the border of world famous Manuel Antonio National Park, just moments away from our warm white sand beaches.

After your work outs and excursions with Terri, enjoy the experience of expert massage therapy and organic nutritious meals. Then lounge on your relaxing day bed suspended over your private pool surrounded by pristine nature. There are no other guests to impact your stay, it’s all about YOU.

Unbelievable Beauty

As a World Class Destination, the unique environment in Costa Rica allows us to immerse you the nature of fitness, food, and restorative meditation away from a powerful hectic life. You will swim in our pristine waters ringed by white sand beaches, hike through mountain trails to arrive at spectacular waterfalls, and enjoy your exhilarating adventure excursions which will be chosen to enhance your fitness goals.

The Art of Food

The ART of YOU will discover your preferences and, in collaboration with our Chefs, we will completely customize a menu with dishes that provide healthy meals that not just envelop and delight your palate, but also sustain you through your physical activities all while enabling significant weight loss.

Life is too short for silly sized portions or bland tasteless diet food. You will enjoy and understand how our menu programming fits into your fitness programming, and never feel like you are being deprived…just nurtured.

Pricing? What’s Included?